MOYO. Authentic Japanese patterns, inspired by the craft of Chiyogami, with a modern application.

There are different theories of the origins of the word ‘Chiyogami’ as the term for this kind of paper. One theory is that imperial princess in Kyoto, named Chiyo, liked to use fine quality papers. Our collection MOYO, offers both traditional and modern designs from Japan with a hint of chiyogami. In any case, Kyo-chiyogami refers to chiyogami made in Kyoto, while the Chiyogami made in Edo is called Edo-Chiyogami.


I was born and grew up in Japan, and have lived in England for many years and enjoy the English countryside and lifestyle. I am very proud of Japan and Japanese culture. I love both traditional and modern Japan and I love to share this culture outside Japan.

My MOYO patterns, originated in Japan, have been prepared by skilled Japanese designers based upon traditional designs – many of which have been passed down through the generations. Other beautiful patterns are more modern and unique.

I hope that you enjoy my MOYO collection and look forward to helping you with your order.